With other options available, why Wonderland Cookie Dough Co?

If you’re looking for edible dough that tastes exactly like the mixing bowl, WCDC is your hands-down best option. We have worked our recipes tirelessly to get that ‘just right’ texture that is so incredibly vital to the cookie dough eating experience. No graininess or powdery dough here! We do not use pasteurized eggs or milk in any of our doughs and the taste difference is just a spoonful away.

Additionally, we are a husband and wife team who employ individuals hand-picked for their abilities to provide outstanding service. We are committed to efficiency, timeliness, and customer satisfaction at all times and for all orders.

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Summer Shipping (June - Late September) 

Wonderland Cookie Dough makes all orders from scratch and ships weekly from our kitchen in Celebration, FL on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays (excluding national holidays). In order to ensure the freshest possible product, we do not ship products after Wednesdays to avoid our cookie dough sitting over the weekend. We accept orders 7 days a week.

All orders have at least a 1 day processing time, and will ship the DAY AFTER the order is placed unless noted below.

Orders placed before 1:00 p.m. (PST) on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday ship the same day. (*If 3 day shipping is chosen after 1pm on Tuesday, it will not ship until the following Monday)Orders placed after 1:00 p.m. (PST) on Wednesday may not ship until the following Monday. If the shipping destination is within range of a 1 day standard shipping method—or you choose Overnight—your order will ship for Friday delivery.All orders placed Friday-Sunday will ship the following Monday.We don’t ship on Saturdays or Sundays.  We cannot ship to P.O. boxes

Our products are very temperature sensitive and will melt at 75° or higher. If you live in an area where temperatures average above 80°, we strongly recommend overnight shipping. Products that have melted or been damaged due to heat on 2 and 3-day shipments may not be replaced or refunded.

With that being said, if your package arrives and you find that the ice has melted and the product is warm, have no fear! Our cookie dough can be unrefrigerated, even warm, for 2 weeks.  We ship with ice to ensure 24 hours of the 2 and 3-day transit time the product is chilled.  Feel free to mix up the dough and refrigerate!  You can enjoy room temp or chilled and add some ice cream on top! The temperature is of no concern in regards to the safety of the dough and is merely a matter of preference. Some people like it microwaved with brownies, graham crackers, or ice cream.

Shipping Parameters

UPS will only accept physical street addresses. Therefore, Wonderland Cookie Dough cannot ship to P.O. Boxes, APO or FPO addresses. We do not ship outside of the United States. Shipping methods (Ground vs Air vs Express) are determined by the distance from Celebration, FL so packages arrive within three days of the requested ship date you choose. 

Address Accuracy

Please make sure you check your order for accuracy before submitting it. During the ordering process, you will be asked to verify the shipping address(es) for your gift(s). Wonderland Cookie Dough Co. will not be responsible for packages refused by the recipient, or for incorrect or incomplete shipping addresses. Please include apartment/suite numbers, East/West street assignments, etc. where applicable. Commercial addresses will require a company name and/or suite number to avoid any correction fees.

Delivery Delays

Delivery delays can occur due to weather, businesses being closed, incorrect addresses, etc. These delays may affect ship dates and/or arrival dates. Wonderland Cookie Dough will do our best to ship in a timely manner, but we cannot be held responsible for late deliveries due to these delays or address issues. If you have any questions about shipping your package(s), please email us at info@wonderlandcookiedough.com


If your package is damaged during shipping transportation, please contact Wonderland Cookie Dough Co. within 48 hours of your shipment being delivered by emailing info@wonderlandcookiedough.com.  Please provide as much information as possible, including images of product and packaging. Please do not throw away your package until you have heard back from us.

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Storage, shelf life, and how to best enjoy the Wonderland Cookie Dough experience

Our dough is versatile and made with non-perishable ingredients, so no stress if you forgot to refrigerate it a few hours ago - it can be left out in a room temperature for up to 2 weeks! We do recommend that dough be refrigerated after this time period in order to maintain its shape and best quality texture. Ultimately, you decide how it’s best enjoyed – room temp, cold and hard, with a scoop of ice cream. Whatever floats your dough boat.

For storage purposes, our dough can stay in your fridge for up to 6 months (if you somehow possess the superhuman strength not to eat it in a single go) or in your freezer for an entire year! WONDERful!

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Can I bake it?

This item is not intended for baking. This is a straight from the container, on a spoon, in your pajamas (or day clothes if you insist) dough purist product. To make it safely edible in its raw (and most delicious) state, we removed ingredients that are necessary to the baking process so please don’t try that at home.

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Allergy pertinent information

Our dough recipes are mostly nut-free but ALL doughs are mixed daily in a singular facility where peanutbutter dough is also mixed. Many of our doughs also include chocolate chips, cookie crumbles, and other ingredients that are labeled as also having been packaged in a facility where nut products are made. Despite our best precautions to minimize contamination, there is always the chance that a ‘nut-free’ dough could potentially have been compromised. If you or your loved one has a severe nut allergy, where cross-contamination could be dire, please do not purchase this product. Safety first!

Additionally, none of our dough batter contains egg products of any kind; however, some of our recipes DO include marshmallow and the marshmallow itself contains eggs. All of our non-vegan doughs utilize butter. No other dairy products are used in any of our delicious recipes.

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Refund policy

We cannot refund or exchange any dough after purchase. This is because our product is perishable. Also, we cannot be considered responsible if any delivery package is stolen or damaged from being left unattended outside in high heat or inclement weather. Our dough will arrive to you in a ready-to-eat state, but if you prefer a colder, stiffer dough, please refrigerate the product immediately upon reception. If the product has partially melted en route from our facility to your home – don’t panic! It’s still safe to eat and WONDERfully tasty; it just may need to be mixed with a spoon and some time to cool off in the fridge or freezer. Wonderland Cookie Dough Co is not responsible for delayed or non-shipment of product if shipping information was entered incorrectly by the purchaser. Please remember to review those online order forms before you check out! If there is any error on our part – wrong flavors, incorrect sizing – or any other dissatisfaction with our product upon reception, please contact us right away so that we can review and resolve the issue.

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Anything else?

Please email us at info@wonderlandcookiedough.com with any other inquiries that you may have that we haven’t been able to answer for you.

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