About Us

We are a New England raised couple who moved to sunny Celebration, Florida in search of warm weather, palm trees, magical castles, and that intangible feeling of ‘happy childhood.’ Wonderland Cookie Dough Co is our brainchild, born of good feelings, pixie dust, and nostalgia, and it all started right here with a mixing bowl and a dream.

Derek is a LEGIT dessert creator and I am second to none in my sweets-eating skills, so together we are an unstoppable force of sugar and spice and all foods that taste nice. Our very favorite, though, has always been cookie dough. Straight out of the bowl. Probably not even with a spoon because who has time for that?

With the edible cookie dough trend making headlines as the rising dessert trend of 2017, we decided the time was right to just go for it – just like we had when we’d packed up our car, thrown out our parkas, and embarked upon the ridiculously fun and wild adventure of living directly in the most magical spot in the country. We were ready to do it again: shrug off the weight of expectation and live our craziest, dreamiest, sweetest best lives.

So we did. We followed the dream of owning our own edible cookie dough shop, hopping feet first right down the retail rabbit hole.

We stayed committed to using only top of the line, name brand ingredients in our doughs; making it fresh daily, every batch assured for quality taste, texture, and experience. Our dough is creamy and decadent – just like the mixing bowl. If you close your eyes while taking a bite, you’ll feel like you’re right back in your childhood kitchen, licking dough from the beater, when everything in the world was still magic and wonder and deliciousness.

Opening our first shop here in Celebration has been the PERFECT decision for us. Not only has our flagship store thrived, but also we have been able to open three additional locations in only one operational year. Now we are seizing the opportunity to take our dream in a new and exciting direction with online sales.

We can’t wait for our dough to be accessible to everyone with the click of just a few buttons. How WONDERful is that?!